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Safe U.

Safety Tips


A train weighs 98 tons.
You don't.

Use caution near light rail tracks.

'I was too careful crossing the tracks,'
said no one ever

Be smart about light rail safety.

Stop. Look. Listen.
Words to live by.

Use caution near light rail tracks.

Alcohol awareness

'You've had enough'
Those three words are a true sign that you care.

Don't be afraid to make the call
If you see someone passed out and unresponsive, call 911 for help.

Anti-crime safety

Don't go it alone
At night, walk with a friend whenever possible. If you have no one to walk with, call 624-WALK (9255).

Always be alert
Keep your eyes and ears open to what's happening around you. Don't walk with ear buds in or while talking on your phone.

Make the right call
Be cautious if a stranger asks to borrow your mobile phone. Don't be afraid to say no.

Road less traveled?
Use well-traveled and well-lit walkways when possible. Avoid shortcuts.

Trust your senses
If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, do what's necessary to move away. Chances are your instincts are correct.

Mental Health

Help them to find hope
Your friend talks about having nothing to live for. Find ways to help at

You're not alone
If life is weighing you down, there are many ways to find help. Visit

Sexual violence

Got consent?
Before you make your move, make sure you have your partner's full consent

Your better judgment
Just because your friend wants to go home with someone, doesn't mean you should let it happen.