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Zika Virus Information for the U

Local Zika virus transmission from mosquitoes is not a concern to Minnesota residents since the species that transmit the virus are not established in this state. However, Zika is a concern for those who travel to areas where Zika outbreaks are occurring. Pregnant women should avoid traveling to those areas. Faculty, staff, and students considering a pregnancy in the near future should talk to their healthcare provider before traveling to Zika-impacted areas. This includes male partners. In addition, sexual transmission of Zika from returned travelers is also a concern, although only for a limited time period. For more information, read the detailed summaries provided in the links below.

  • Current Zika virus information, prevention recommendations and resource links are found at CIDRAP.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends: planning for travel, preventing mosquito bites and protecting yourself when having sex with a partner who has recently traveled to an outbreak area. Visit the CDC website for more information.
  • CDC Travel advisories have expanded as outbreaks of Zika have increased to several countries, including some US territories and Florida. Faculty, staff and students planning travel will find specific recommendations on their site.