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U of M Medical Reserve Corps

During a health emergency, health services will continue to be provided by Boynton Health Service, as well as the broader healthcare system in the community. Depending upon the nature of the emergency, it is anticipated that additional resources will also be needed. Additional personnel resources are available on campus through the U of M Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).

Established in 2004, the U of M MRC is comprised of students, staff, and faculty from the AHC and Boynton Health Service who are pre-registered, trained, and organized in advance to provide assistance during a health emergency. The U of M MRC operates with a dual mission: (1) to respond to the needs on campus during a health emergency and (2) to provide assistance in the broader community when requested and as appropriate.

Some examples of their work in the community:

  • In 2004, MRC members provided assistance to a state hotline established to answer questions from concerned citizens about annual influenza vaccine shortages.
  • In 2005, MRC members provided healthcare, public health, and mental health support to victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
  • In 2007, MRC members provided assistance following the 35W bridge collapse by supporting a local hospital and the Minneapolis Family Assistance Center.
  • In 2009 and 2010, members assisted with extensive University-based response actions related to H1N1 influenza.