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2009 H1N1 flu update: Interim guidance for universities from the CDC

May 8, 2009

Members of the University of Minnesota community:

We are writing today to provide you with an update regarding the H1N1 flu and the University of Minnesota.

To date there have been no reported cases of H1N1 flu at the University of Minnesota. We continue, however, to monitor the situation closely and communicate with or receive guidance from state and federal public health officials.

On May 6, the CDC issued interim guidance for colleges, universities, and post-secondary educational institutions with regard to H1N1 flu. That guidance includes the following:

  • CDC is not recommending cancellation or dismissal of classes or other large gatherings on university campuses.
  • Any person who has influenza-like symptoms, such as fever with either cough or sore throat, should not go to class or attend large gatherings such as commencement exercises.
  • Students who are ill should self-isolate (i.e. stay away from others) at home or in their dorm room for seven days after illness onset or 24 hours after symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.
  • Persons who are ill and must go into public should cover their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing or use a surgical mask if available.

Public Health officials report that although the H1N1 virus appears to cause fairly mild influenza symptoms, they expect an increase in overall cases in the next several weeks. We ask that all students, staff, and faculty continue to follow public health guidelines in attempt to reduce transmission of the virus through the community.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely. We will, however, no longer be providing H1N1 e-mail updates unless a change in the situation warrants it.


Kathleen O'Brien, Vice President for University Services and Officer of the Day

John Finnegan, Assistant Vice President for Public Health and Dean of the School of Public Health


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